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last batch of youngtimer 1:5 bodyshells

Here is a first issue of the RCbodyShop newsletter.
I have to move my Youngtimer 1: 5 tools. I take the opportunity to make a last batch. These prints are made only after early November bookings.
You can place an order on the website without having to pay it immediately. The order will be confirmed by the invoice I will send you at the beginning of the month.
Regards Stéphane Heyberger

Ford Capri & BMW CSL 1:5 scale 2016 paint

very small serie of youngtimer 1:5 bodyshells

 BMW 3.0 CSL motorsport livery




csl 1:5 non peinte
csl 1:5 non peinte
  1. First wash and degrease with dishwasher soap
  2. Mask windows and lights if you want to install real lights
  3. “sand” smoothly with green spongesponge-bobor sand with water paper grit 600 800 or 1000.
  4. of course you don’t sand windows and lights 😉
la feuille de masquage des vitres et phares
windows and lights masking sheet
le masquage de la calandre
front part masking sheet
la partie avant masquée
Front part masked
plan masquage vitre BMW CSL 3.0 au 1:5
masking windows template  BMW CSL 3.0  at 1:5 scale
le noir de la calandre peint et des ampoule halogène comme reflecteurs
front part painted with light bulbs
les joints de vitrages masqués par l'extérieur pour un aspect satin
windows borders painted in black
les joints noir satin
windows borders painted in black
la pose des bandes motorsport
motorsport stripes
découpe bande motorsport
motorsport stripes cutting
fabrication d'un voile BBS avant usinage du vrai.
BBS wheel center before CNC machining of real
découpe des clignotants avant pour épouser la forme bombée
cutting of blinkers decals
découpe du passage de roue arrière
cutting of rear wheel arche

back to 70’s and DRM time

les voiles plastiques 1:5 BBS
1:5 BBS wheels

rcbs-p1100383 rcbs-p1100386

les voiles plastiques 1:5 BBS
1:5 BBS wheels
les voiles plastiques 1:5 BBS
1:5 BBS wheels

rcbs-p1100392 rcbs-p1100394_cr rcbs-p1100395r rcbs-p1100397