1:5 scale bodyshell NSU prinz TT 1000 Jägermeister paint

1:5 Youngtimer RCbodyShop NSU prinz TT 1300 bodyshell with Jagermeister paint scheme

modern PMT wheels turned on a DIY lathe

3d printed center to fit the real 13″ with 175/50 R13 high profile

jante PMT au voile réduit
NSU prinz TT roues PMT custom
NSU prinz TT PMT custom wheels

same wheel but better vintage look

they asked me for help to paint the rear lights , here is my method

1 – First mask whole rear light with 34 mm vinyl before paint the car
2 – Second Mask the center parts with 20mm vinyl and paint silver
3 – Paint translucent red and orange