Golf II (1983 – 1992)

Zender is a manufacturer of aerodynamic parts from 1969 to 2008. In the 80s they made 1: 5 models to display in garages and car dealerships, to present their kits for the VW Golf 2.

in 2010

I saw a model on the Internet, it represents the Z600 kit which foreshadows what will be later the Golf Rallye


golf-2-2010-1-w golf-2-2010-3-w

it appeared to have been repainted but had the Zender Turbo chassis and wheels ,. Below is the real one.

En 2012

I find the other version wiser, the Z6 with smaller fender wideners.

here the pictures of the real one

n 2014

German coachbuilder sells 3 on Ebay


maquette golf 2 au 1:5 zender z6 et z600

I do not win an auction … there were however the frames too.

finally in 2016


I find this model in Germany, it does not have the frame or the wheels and its original paint is not very smooth!

here another Z600

maquette golf 2 zender z600 au 1'5 corgi usa
maquette golf 2 zender z600 au 1’5 . photo de corgi USA

it will have to be redone and wheels to scale, the 1: 5 RC wheels in the photo are too big.

taille 1:1 1:5 zender size
Longueur 3980 796 770 length
Largeur 1700 340 350 width
Hauteur 1400 280 250 height
Empattement 2475 495 479 wheelbase


Site Zender

Site Corgi USA